A new Photo Mode is now available for PlayStation 4 exclusive shooter The Order: 1886, Sony announced today. The mode, similar to those found in The Last of Us, Driveclub, and Shadow of Mordor, is included with a new update for the title, which was released earlier this year to a middling critical reception.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Sony said a Photo Mode was a much-requested feature for The Order.

“Fans expressed an overwhelming desire to see and share the realism, beauty, and detail of our Neo-Victorian world,” the company said. “With Photo Mode, you’ll be able to compose, capture, and share stunning images of your favorite moments, characters, and environments.”

One thing to note, however, is that enabling Photo Mode in The Order will disable the game’s Camera Bias option for players who have that turned on. This Camera Bias option allows players to change which shoulder the camera hovers over.

The Order’s Photo Mode features an untethered camera, while users can choose from a variety of color grading options (with intensity sliders), including high-contrast, gritty, and black and white. You can also remove all characters from the scene if you’re looking to focus on the environment instead of the action.

When you’re satisfied with your shot, you can share it with the world by way of the PS4′s Share functionality. For a closer look at The Order’s new Photo Mode, check out the video above.