Two Level-5 franchises that have recently called 3DS home, Fantasy Life and Professor Layton, are getting sequels. However, those sequels will be coming not for 3DS or any other traditional handheld gaming device, but smartphones.

At a Level-5 event in Japan last night, the developer announced new entries in the two franchises, Siliconera reports. Fantasy Life 2 appears to resemble its 3DS predecessor, with cartoonish graphics, 12 different lives (the game’s terminology for jobs) to pursue, and so on. One change is an increased focus on building up your city, perhaps in response to the popularity of empire-building in mobile sensations like Clash of Clans and Game of War.

Layton 7 strays further away from the established formula, and looks to be a card game of some sort, as you can see below.

Layton 7

While the move in platforms is sure to annoy those who dismiss mobile gaming, making matters worse is that both sequels carry numbers: Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons and the Village of God and Layton 7. This suggests they are the next full entries in these series, rather than simple mobile spin-offs like what we’ve seen from Assassin’s Creed, Pokemon, and Dragon Age.

Just because these games are coming to mobile doesn’t preclude them from seeing release on 3DS–and, indeed, Siliconera notes that Layton 7 was originally announced in 2013 as coming to 3DS in addition to iOS and Android. But there was no mention of 3DS versions during last night’s event, so it remains to be seen if there is any chance of seeing these series continue on handhelds.

Nintendo itself will be entering the mobile game development business, as it recently announced a partnership with fellow Japanese company DeNA. It’s a move that goes against what Nintendo has been saying for years, though it claims it isn’t something it was forced into doing.