Capcom’s action-RPG Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has now shipped more than 1 million copies since its release in North America and Europe in February. That figure, announced Tuesday by Capcom, counts copies shipped at retail as well as Nintendo eShop sales for both regions.

The Nintendo 3DS game was released in Japan last year as Monster Hunter 4G.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s release in North America and Europe earlier this year coincided with the arrival of the New Nintendo 3DS. This helped the game to become the first entry in the franchise to ship 1 million units in the west, Capcom said.

Capcom also provided a new franchise sales tally for Monster Hunter. Since the series debuted more than a decade ago in 2004, it has sold more than 32 million units around the world as of February 2015.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, a sequel to March 2013′s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, is described as the “biggest and most accessible” game in the series to date. Capcom also points out that the game’s online play “is in strong demand,” especially in North America and Europe.

Another reason Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is selling well, Capcom said, is because the publisher is supporting the RPG with free DLC on a regular basis. The most recent free add-on brought new character skins based on Mario and Sonic to the game.